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China embassies and consulates in Kenya

KEN - Flag

Population: 40,046,566
Area: 580,367 sq km
Ethnic groups: Kikuyu, Luhya, Luo, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kisii, Meru, other African
Religions: Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, indigenous beliefs
Languages: English (official), Kiswahili (official)
Capital: Nairobi
Country Phone Code: +254
Currency: Kenyan shilling

Chinese embassy in Nairobi Kenya

Website: http://ke.china-embassy.org
Email: chinaemb_ke@mfa.gov.cn
Ambassador: Mr. Liu Guangyuan
Address: P.O.Box 30508 00100 Woodlands Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Office Hours: 08:30-12:00, 15:00-17:00, Monday-Friday
Tel: +254-20-2722559, 2726851
Fax: +254-20-2726402, 2711540
24-Hour Duty Phone: +254-727-532073

Consular Office
Office Hours: 09:00-11:00, Monday-Friday
Inquiry Time: 15:00-17:00 Monday-Friday

Note: Except the opening time of visa section, no meeting will be arranged with the Consular Officer of the Embassy, no application or pickup will be dealt with, and only telephone inquiry is available during the inquiry time of visa section

Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office
Mailing Address: Ngong Road, P.O.Box 48190, GPO 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254-20-2726180 Ext.115, 121, 111, 2724620, 2712457, 2726179
Fax: +254-20-2713451
Email: ke@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://ke.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Mar. 23, 2011)
do is the requirements for a Chinese working visa
By: peter at Jul 4, 2013 - 3:17
We are interested in getting a project developer from china in the hotel industry or any other industry.

Please send us the list and there email addresses.
By: Amos at May 31, 2013 - 3:6
I would like to know Chinese Companies that stock Maize Milling Machines in Kenya. Medium and heavy duty.

Thanks Ken
By: Kennedy at May 8, 2013 - 6:5
am interested in visiting china on business,specifically shanghai, do i need an invitation from china?
By: PHILIP at Apr 14, 2013 - 0:32
I sent the message below already, but made a mistake with the e-mail address, which is now the correct one. thanks

my son Tommaso, 13 years old, would like to have chinese lessons! any advice? any roster of teachers?
thanks in advance
By: Teresa at Sep 3, 2012 - 12:31
I wanted to inquire if there are any new rules setup in 2012 for student X visa for example new documents needed as the Chinese embassy website has not been updated.
By: Daniel at Jul 6, 2012 - 7:53
I am interested in contacting audio visual equipment suppliers/manufacturers in china. Kindly assist with any references.
By: Mike at Aug 26, 2011 - 15:24

I would like to buy some window blinds from Delex blinds and window deco company. Kindly inform me of the company's approval rating.

By: Brayoh at Jul 27, 2011 - 6:5
I would like to know if you can issue a visa to
Taiwan. If not, whom do I contact?

Best regards
By: Catherine at Jul 1, 2011 - 11:37
Iam a property consultant and am interested in contacting chinese developers and those interested in farming in kenya with a view to doing business with them. Is it possible for your honourable office to send me a soft copy so that i can contact them either via mail or telephone. Alternatively advise me on how to get a directory of chinese investors in kenya. I will really appreciate.


By: sammy at Jun 29, 2011 - 0:55
we are interested in purchasing swimwear from manufacturers in China. Is there a market that has wholesalers that we can visit in china who specialise in swimwear only.
please advise as we would like to make a trip to go to that market only.
By: Vishal at Jul 16, 2010 - 7:37

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