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China embassies and consulates in Lebanon

LBN - Flag

Population: 4,125,247
Area: 10,400 sq km
Ethnic groups: Arab, Armenian
Religions: Muslim, Christian
Languages: Arabic (official), French, English, Armenian
Capital: Beirut
Country Phone Code: +961
Currency: Lebanese pound

Chinese embassy in Beirut Lebanon

Website: http://lb.china-embassy.org
Email: chinaemb_lb@mfa.gov.cn
Ambassador: Mr. Wu Zexian
Address: 72 Rue Nicolas Ibrahim Sursock, Ramlet El-baida, Beirut, Lebanon
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 11-8227, Beirut, Lebanon
Office Hours: 09:00-15:00 Monday-Friday
Tel: +961-1-856133
Fax: +961-1-822492

Visa Office
Office Hours: 09:00-12:00 Monday-Friday
Tel: +961-1-850316

Secretary to Ambassador Tel: +961-1-825239
Administrative Office Tel: +961-1-850314
Cultural Office Tel/Fax: +961-1-823760

Political Office
Tel: +961-1-850315
Fax: +961-1-825239

Defense Attache Office
Tel: +961-1-850318
Fax: +961-1-853079

Economic & Commercial Office
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 114-5098, Beirut
Tel: +961-1-822493
Fax: +961-1-826672
Email: lb@mofcom.gov.cn
Website: http://lb.mofcom.gov.cn

(updated: Jul. 5, 2011)
hi im maria sami kfoury i'm now in china with an L VISA with 1 entry i came on the 4th of this month and my legal stay permit is one month. i would like to stay more than one month because there are many intereting places i want to visit...plz help me if it's possible what to do....
best regards
maria sami kfouri
visa number g0033391
dob: 12-12-1984
im staying now in the leden hotel in guangzhou
please try to help me and reply
thx in advance my number here in china is 86-1-5000030799
By: maria at Nov 24, 2011 - 15:30

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